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Descent into Madness
Created the Cutscene where my bad guy became a bad guy and was hoping mayhaps I could get some critique? Anyone interested?
As he was bound in the gallows. He was spit on, beat, and cursed. "I gave you everything! I gave up everything dear to me for all of you! So you could lay your heads down in peace!"
A square blow to the ribs by a bum caused him to cough up blood "We didn't ask ye too now did we? Ye filthy demon worshiper!"
Another blow left him dizzy and breathless. A tomato hit him in the face followed shortly by a dozen rocks.
Tears brimming he cried out "I gave you everything!" he said images of Samantha filling his mind as unconscious was delivered.
A soft voice, full of sympathy and anger. "They hate you. You gave them everything and yet you are beat, and spat on. Why? Why do you keep trying to protect them? They /despise you!"
He brushed his sons hair out of his sleeping face. Admiring the sim
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Bed Time
When you finally succumb to the soft allure of exhaustion, and you meet your soft blankets. Allowing their warmth to envelop you as you sink into your mattress. The soft flop as your head hits the pillow, and the gentle darkness of night envelops you in it's warm embrace. Taking you into the land of dreams, where anything happens, where your life is what you want. The satisfying sigh as you finally let your muscle relax, and your admit defeat and shut your eyes. As the whole world dies down into a deep slumber, the night sky alight with the stars of a thousand thousand universes. Your curtains drawn tight, and your bed so soft and warm. As you breath slower and deeper, you know that the world of dreams awaits you, your friends and foes smiling up the sky as you begin to descend. Adventures to be had, love to be felt, loss to be experienced, and foes to be made. In this world it's all about you, as you leave your body behind to accept the soft and elicit bliss of a world of dreams.
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Anyone Can be Brave
Anyone Can Be Brave
Everyone has the potential to be as brave as a stalwart warrior
There is a person that brings that out in everyone.
For that person, there is no hurdle, no battle, no nothing that is too much
For them, you will be anything you need to be, for them, you would give your all
For that person, they hold your heart, wether they want it or not
They can break you, but, you can stand, and take it
For you have the hope, that someday, you can hold them once more in your arms
And, no matter the cost, you would give it
Bravery is not going forward and taking the bullet
It is not placing yourself in danger without fear
No, it is being able to be someone else for the sake of that one thing or person
Wether it be your wife, your country, your home, your land, your people.
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Concept for Burst.
Burst is a French teenage girl with the real name of Abella Iva. She is sixteen years old and comes from a moderately wealthy family. She stands at 5' 7", and of slim stature. Her hair is blonde, and eyes blue; her skin of fair, but freckled.
Her powers were attained from a Witch whom she had helped. As a form of payment, the Witch offered to grant one wish. Her wish was "I wish that I could make a different, my life is a cage, I want to break free."
Her powers specifics are;
She can create a burst of Kinetic Energy that can occupy a space of up to 5 feet for a maximum time of 2 seconds before it begins to effect her brain. Injuries are burst capillaries in the brain that eventually heal, but can cause blinding headaches that would eventually end up in her demise in a fight.
However, by funneling it through Bamboo, she has found that she can increase this time to five seconds without harming herself, and a 10 foot limit.
The kinetic blast is almost instantaneous, and
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Mature content
What they have done to us (Revised) :iconirisgoddessofrainbow:IrisGoddessofRainbow 1 0
The Mysterious Sage
Chapter one: The Mysterious Sage
My eyes fluttered open as Father opened the door to my room;
"Elizibeth, time to get up. Come on"
I waited until my father had closed the door to get up, as I was still in my shift. Stripping off my shift, I grabbed a new one, as well as dress. I quickly put them on. I turned too look out the window to see the sun begin to rise above the small town of Silverton.
Silverton was considered important, for it's vast abundance of potatoes each year and the massive silver mine nearby. From my bedroom window I could see the cobbled streets and the rough wooden houses that littered the areas around the massive mill that stood near the centre.
I groped around my neck absent mindedly, and felt nothing. I began to instantly panick after several more seconds. Panicking, I began tearing through my bedding tossing it behind me when it yealed nothing. I began to slide the matress off my bed, and then tear out my dresser drawers. I gave a sigh of complete relief when I
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Chapter 5: The Town Of Thalart
Chapter 5: The Town Of Thalartius.
Around midday the next day, we came upon the town of Thalartius.
It reminded me of my own town. Now that I think of it, I never got the name of my old town.
It had the cobbled streets, rough wooden houses, and even the people walking around.
As we walked nearer and nearer, I felt another warmth coming from within the town. It kept getting warmer and warmer.
I mentioned this to Thalamore.
He paused, “You say you feel a warmth coming from the town?”
I nodded. “Why?”
He smiled broadly. “Do you feel a warmth coming from me? And John and Tiffiny?”
I nodded. “Yah, but isn’t that normal for a Wizard?”
He shook his head. “No it is not, it seems you have a Talent. A Talent is an ability bestowed upon a Wizard that is “supernatural” to say. You have the Talent to sense Wizards and magic. A very bland ability some Wizards say. But, I think when applied the right way, it can be the most impor
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Play Time
I charged across the room; and tackled the pink ball. Rolled it all over the floor; kicking it, biting it and flipping it around. Satisfied that it was vanquished I ran underneath the tall thing with four legs. I felt something snag at my fur and turned to lash out at it. I realized it was a small pink snake!
I began to flail trying to relinquish myself from my newest foe. But, it seemed the harder I fought the more it tightened. It wrapped around my legs and neck more and more. I couldn't breathe; it was too strong of a foe.
As everything began to dim I heard that noise I often heard when they picked me up. A dim blur appeared above me and I instantly felt the pressure on my neck begin to relinquish itself. I began to struggle, as they helped me fight the snake. After free they picked me up and smooshed me against thier face again; before letting me go. I saw my sister and pounced; getting ready for more playtime again.
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Chapter 4: The Beginning Of A
Chapter 4: The Beginning Of A Story.
We had been on the road for a few days now. It was uncomfortable, dirty, and wet. It was rainy season and the carriage had a leak in it.
I could hardly believe that I would have to deal with this for four more months.
“Well, look on the bright side. At least we aren’t walking” Said John.
Me and Tiffiny glared at him and said “shut up”
That very day, we hit a pothole and broke our wheel.
We were now walking.
“Well look on the bright side. At least it’s not raining”
Me and Tiffiny made to put out hands over his mouth, but it was too late. In an hour it was pouring.
“Well look-“
Me and Tiffiny put our hands over his mouth and I said “Don’t. Say. A. Word.”
He was quite after that. Thankfully Thalamore was able to cast a spell that made the rain split and move over us, so we didn’t actually get wet.
On the third day of our trip on foot, Thalamore pulled us to the side.
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Mature content
Force :iconirisgoddessofrainbow:IrisGoddessofRainbow 0 0
(( I know I have written a lot about love, several poems in fact now. But, this is not a Poem. This is really more of a rant of mine on how Love can affect and change people ))
Love, perhaps the most complicated feeling us humans can feel. We can mistake it for hate, and we can feel it in many forms. Love for our family, our friends, our siblings, our spouse, our children, and so much more. We can love that which does not exist, and that which does.
Love can do a lot for us: it can fuel us, drive us beyond what we are normally capable of in exchange for the chance to once again see those we love. It can change us too be what we need too be for those we love. I know the power of love first hand, it can change people, it can save people. It can mend wounds that people thought would be gaping and flowing forever.
It can be the light in the darkness we need, and it can be the iron rod that will lead us through the dark times. However, it can also be the false rod, leading us to our do
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What they have Done to us......
John fell sat down heavily and stared numbly at the dagger that protruded from his wifes chest. His newly-wed Wife, the bag of gold he held fell to the floor, the gold spilling out, meaningless now. The cries of a newborn baby echoed the house, but fell on deaf ears.
He jumped as his wife took a deep breathe, she looked over and said weakly "Oh, you're back...he said you were dead. I was just about to crawl over there to calm Elizibeth... our baby was born while you were away, she's a girl! A beutifa-"
He stopped her with his hand on her mouth and stared at the dagger.
"Yes, I was hoping to hold on until you got here......E..Elizibeth is a baby after all, she can't take care of herself"
"A man calling himself Rowgar...he blew through town, tearing everything to shreds.....horrible shadows....laughter....he came after me last...but that's not important"
"R...Rowgar?....." His face became as blank as air.... "That man...have I ever told you how I lost my first wife? We
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The power of Mind Magic
I began to feel a warming sensation flow throughout my body, starting at my fingertips, and spreading throught my body. It was pleasant, nice, a good break from the pain, grief, and anguish that occupied my very being.
I took a relaxing breath and closed my eyes. I felt like taking a long restful nap. I began to hear voices, they were faint, indistinct, it was Jessica I think.....why did she always have to disturb me?. Her voice was ancious, urrgent, I began to feel a slight shaking, as if someone had grabbed my shoulders and began to violently shake them.
It must be a dream, has to be, it felt so unreal, so....distant. So, I began to realx, sighing softly I found no energy left to breathe, which was fine, I felt like everything would soon be fine. My anguish, pain, and grief would soon go away.
I began to dream, of a sunny place. I could see my little brother, his cries of joy seemed to be mixed with sorrow. I felt like I was waking up from a long and horrifying nightmare, I tried to
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Love, the greatest power, it can rend continents, and mend the world.
It can cause the greatest wounds, and heal the deepest of them.
It is the hopes and dreams of everyone to experience it's embrace.
However, there are those who exploit the love of others for their own gain.
This the most heinous crime, however, love can grant one the power to shift mountains.
To move continents, mend the heart, and even fight long after you have died.
It can awaken us to realize that love has been here the whole time.
Love changes those who it touches, makes us a better person, but, it can make us a worse person.
It is a force that is beyond our comprehension, it is the complex thing we have ever come across.
Love hurts, heals, gives power, takes it, it drives us to do things that surprises even us.
It is a motivation at it's purest, it strives us to care, protect, and even die.
Love is not free, it is embodied within a single object of desire, a different experience for each one of us.
This for
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The Council of Sages Chapter 3
Chapter 3: The Blessing Of The Crops
The next day, Father didn't speak. He didn't even go down to the forge to work. He just made breakfast and sat in the Living Room.
I also barely spoke. I kept walking around the house, thinking of all the memories and experiences that I had gained from this house.
Around midday there was a knock at the door. Pulling myself away from Tim's room I went and answered the door.
I pulled it open and saw Tiffiny and John standing on the door step.
"Yes?" I asked.
Tiffiny smiled "We heard that you were a Wizard. So, me and John came down to tell you that we too are Wizards and are going with Thalamore to the Tower Of Sages to train."
John nodded and added "He said that we should spend time together because, well, we'll be traveling with each other for a few months to the Tower Of Sages. So, we should get to know each other".
I was taken aback a little. There's more Wizards in this town? I thought.
"Come in" I said.
I led them up to my room were John sat on
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From the day you enter this world, until the day you leave it.
Your mind saves all of your progress, reminding you of the worst, and best of it.
As we near the end, we look back, and relive the good times.
Reviewing our regrets, our successes, but most of all, we view the best of times.
As a child, we look ahead, yet as an adult we look back.
We review how far we went on the trail of life.
To find that we either did great, live life to the fullest.
Or we did nothing, and stood short next to the tallest.
Children are another way to track our progress on the trail of life.
They mark the times of greatest joy, and sorrow.
They are our sources of the greatest pleasure, and aggravation.
But it is these reasons that for our children, does love come in the highest sensation.
We may immortalize the memories with pictures.
Poems, paintings, or journal entries.
But nothing can show them to us than being able to look back on them in your mind.
As we come from the womb, to the time we lea
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For too long I have built my life around the approval of others, and it's done nothing but take everything from me that I hold dear and precious. Twice now has it taken from me people I would've liked to hold for the rest of my life. No more, it's time I took hold of my life, and made what I can of it. I no longer care what other people think of me, why should I? That random person down the road, if they think I'm insane for dancing and singing with the doors and windows open, pfft, they dunno how to party then. I wanna make people happy, but I won't do that anymore by being a social chameleon, I will be myself, and I will do what I can to help people. No more of the "I can be myself around them, so I am just gonna stick with them" No, I am going to be me, all the time. I am so tired of monitoring myself around others so as to not draw weird looks.  I will be me, Nathaniel Louis Martin. I don't owe explanations as to why I decided to start dancing in the street, nor do I owe explanations as to why I just hugged a random person. Nah, imma be me, all the time from now on, if I am too strong a social flavor for you, kindly leave me be.


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I am 21 years old, single, an aspiring writer, and I hope to go to college for writing


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